Holly Lisle - how to edit your novel lesson six. Fifteen lessons to go.

Friday, June 14, 2013
This lesson was actually quite fun, which is a big thing for me to say about editing. I finished it a while ago but was busy with work so hadn't got around to editing my progress. With the completion of this lesson I am 28.57 percent of the way through editing my novel 'truth seeker'.

Tonight I start lesson seven which is all about editing the world I made for the story. Currently truth seeker is set in modern day London. I may change that, I'm not sure yet. I want to keep it set in modern times, but I may change the location, but I'll think on that during the lesson.

When I finish this lesson I will be one third of the way through editing this novel. With such a long process its important to keep reminding myself of the progress I am making so I keep trucking through it. I'm learning a lot, which is important. 

Hopefully by the time I finish this Truth Seeker will be pretty darn shiny and something I can be proud of.


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