Monster - a teaser

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
As promised here is an extract of my upcoming short horror story 'Monster'. It is due out on the 30th of June. I may post a longer extract closer to the release date, and keep an eye on the blog for previews of the cover.

This is the story of Honey, a girl struggling to keep her humanity when the government lock her up for being a newly turned vampire.


 “What about my rights?” The long chains pinning the handcuffs to the floor clatter against the metal table. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe any of this.

The man flinches at the sound, like I’m some kind of dangerous creature. I’m not. I’m just Honey Mason, eighteen year old checkout girl at the local supermarket. I don’t smoke, get drunk, or do any kind of drugs. I do my taxes. I eat right. I don’t deserve to go to jail.

“Humans have rights”, the man finally takes off his sunglasses, revealing pupils constricted to pinpricks. He pretends he’s not afraid of me, but I can smell it on him. He stinks of fear. “You aren’t human.”


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