Holly Lisle - editing course update

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Well, as some of you may know I am in the middle of taking Holly Lisle's 'how to revise your novel course'. Today I finished lesson five, and started lesson six. I am 23.8 percent of the way through editing this novel.

Lesson five was straight forward enough. I would have finished it sooner if it hadn't fallen on such a busy week of work. Lesson six looks long, but good as well. I aim to work really hard on it tomorrow, and hopefully get most of it done before I head back to work.

I love the systematic way the course works, it really meshes with how my brain works. Four more lessons breaking this thing apart then I get to start piecing it together again.

As for my story Monster (see last post for a preview), it is going well. I'm planning to work on the cover next weekend, but am using a new program so don't know how long it will take. Release date is still set as the 30th of June.

I'm also working on a new short story (horror of course). It's called 'second chance', and is really only just started so look for a more detailed description later on. 


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