Another short story finished

Monday, August 19, 2013
This one is called 'Monster Hangover'. It's about a werewolf who wakes up after a night out to find he's locked in a dog pound, and he must escape or risk exposing his secret.

That one makes seven stories written so far this year. Not good, but I did only start pushing this recently.

One is novel length, one novella length, and the other five vary between 3 and 7 k words. I'm not counting the flash fiction.

I've come up with an interesting way of tracking how many stories I've finished. I have a reward chart with a hundred different shapes, and each time I finish a story I color one in. Once I make it to 100, I'm getting a puppy.

No, seriously. Well actually I haven't decided if I'm telling the truth. Shhh. But for now, 100 stories written and I get a puppy. I think I'll call him Teddy.

The next project is called 'they came at night'. It's another short story.

I hope to be on rewrites for my novel 'Truth Seeker' soon, so I won't have time for new projects in the time it takes to do that.

Now, got to get to bed. I'm up horribly early tomorrow to go to work.


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