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Sunday, May 5, 2013
Hello everyone, I am Sam... and I am a writing addict.

I guess it all dates back to when I was a child. Books are such wonderful things and took up much of my day. As a teenager my school librarian would let me break the limit of the number of books I was alowed to take home because I would read them so fast. I much prefer books to humans.

I've started this blog because I am about to take a wonderful journey. I am about to edit a book. Not just try and edit it, but roll my sleeves up and really tear this thing apart and put it back together again.

I'm using Holly Lisle's how to revise your novel course. This consists of twenty two lessons. I hope by the end I will have learnt a lot.

I am currently on lesson one which requires me to go through my entire manuscript with a fine tooth comb. I started today and got through 70 pages. Only 408 more to go...

OK, sleeves rolled up, pens at the ready. Lets tackle this thing.


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