Sunday, May 26, 2013
This morning I finished my first draft of epidemic. I started it with only a vague idea of length. I knew it wouldn't be a novel, but I did have more events to put across than my shorter works. It has ended at 16,902 words. Now that is done I'm putting it aside for a big revision once my novel 'Seeker of Truth' is edited.

Epidemic is the story of the slightly antisocial Jon:

A paranoid microbiologist returns to his hometown, suspended for scaring staff about the impact of an outbreak, unfortunately he's right and must protect his town from the disease and the diseased.

Jon is a little rougher round the edges than my usual protagonists. He speaks his mind, and has no problems if feelings are hurt in the process. I've fallen a little in love with his egotistical ways, so he is being put away until maybe October or November when I can put aside the time to make his story really shine.

Next up for shining is 'Monster', the short horror story I mentioned in my last post. This is the story of Honey, a girl struggling to keep her humanity when the government lock her up for being a newly turned vampire.

It's 3.5k words long, and does contain some blood and gore. If anyone wants to beta, feel free to contact me.


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