Starting lesson three of how to revise your novel

Friday, May 17, 2013
As of minutes ago I have finished lesson two of Holly Lisle's how to revise your novel course. The second go through the draft was interesting.

After I went through it in lesson one I wanted to tear the whole thing apart and start again (looking for problems does that). This time I ended feeling more positive. There are still loads of things I want to change, but I feel this is doable.

So today I am going to read through lesson three and start that. Only twenty more lessons to complete in this course. Though I anticipate my pace will slow a little when I start my new full time job in a couple of weeks.

As for the how to write a series course I am taking alongside my revision course, last night I finished the first lesson. I'm looking forward to starting lesson two tonight. These seem to have become my treat lessons to settle down with at the end of the day. I find myself glancing up at the clock suprised to find I have spent hours on it.

So here is my progress so far: (all these titles are tentative)


Seeker of Truth: revising session 2/22 (Due to finish 4th October 2013)
False prophet series: Planning session 1/4 (Due to finish overall planning 6th June 2013)



What You Wish For (3.4k)


Two shorts, one flash


Epidemic (13/?k)


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